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  • Margie Perrotti

Which Gabriel Personality are You?

Gabriel NY has long been at the forefront of style and fashion in the jewelry realm. If you have browsed their catalog online, you will see that they have conveniently grouped their looks by style.

Fresh &Fearless: Bohemian or Casual Hipster-Charismatic; inspiring leaders, able to mesmerize their listeners; Flexible and charming, artistic; always ready to explore something new EG14200W45JJ

Casual Cool Girl: Virtuoso-Bold and practical experimenters, masters of all kinds of tools BG4232-65Y45JJ BG4323-65M45JJ BG4232-65Y45JJ BG4295-65Y45JJ BG4334-65Y45JJ BG4285-65Y45JJ-2

Modern Romantic: Feminine Casual-spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic, quiet and mystical, poetic, kind, altruistic NK6711Y4JJJ TB499Y4JJJ TB4484Y4JJJ

Urban Sophisticate: Feminine and classic-practical and fast-minded individual,caring, social and popular, always eager to help; dedicated and warm protectors; imaginative and strategic thinker, excellent administrators EG13991M45JJ NK6207Y45JJ-4

New Horizon Seeker: Sophisticated, Edgy, Bold-smart, energetic,perceptive;strong-willed leader, creative, sociable, free spirited, can't resist an intellectual challenge. TB4473W84JJ NK6684W84JJ-3

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