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  • Margie Perrotti


With Covid-19 still a prominent factor in our lives, I am thankful that I am healthy and that my family has thus-far stayed Covid-free. I am thankful for the promise of a vaccine soon to help our country and the world begin to heal and resume what we consider "normal lives" once more.

As New Jersey slowly begins to reopen, I have noticed an alarming business trend: many national chain stores have pulled out of their physical locations and are now only available for shopping online. How can we try something on, or get a real idea of what we are spending our money on without seeing what we are buying in-person?

More than ever I am thankful for local businesses. It seems that even though the quarantine has hit them hard, small business owners are doing their best to stay open and serve their communities. Going shopping "in person" has become a luxury. After months of quarantine, it's a special event to go out to an actual store to shop!

Even though we have Gabriel and Co. 's online catalog available for shopping at home for your convenience and safety, Diamonds and Design has been open with abbreviated hours and for personal appointments with safety measures in place so that you can still get the personal touch of Marie's design expertise.

Please try to support local businesses as we begin the slow recovery process. They are the foundation of our communities!

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Nov 21, 2020

Great Job Margie!

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