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  • Margie Perrotti

Engagement Rings-What to Know

One of the most important and special purchases in your relationship is the engagement ring. Not only is the stone(s) important, but the setting, shank, and style are also vital to the design of your engagement ring.

First of all, please make sure you are buying a certified stone from a qualified gemologist who can not only tell you the color and clarity grading of the stone, but also map out the stones specific inclusions and details. A helpful article can be found here: .

Solitaires are one diamond set in a plain band of either platinum, yellow, or white gold. Diamond shapes are:

When the center stone is surrounded by diamonds, that is called a halo. Some settings have a "hidden halo" which can only be seen at certain angles.

This an example of a round brilliant diamond with a halo.

This is an example of a hidden halo.

Next week I will show different styles of shanks and settings. Have a great week and keep on sparkling!

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